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Carbon controls and a solar surge: Are public attitudes changing the game?

By Elisabeth Graffy, Professor of Practice, CSPO and Lightworks Debates about federal carbon control regulations and a solar-energy-induced “death spiral” for electric utilities have been heating up, but along separate … Continue reading

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Fixing the VA: It’s not that easy

By Heather M. Ross, HSD student Proposals for new legislation to fix the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) are flying in Congress. Unfortunately, each is problematically simple and pretends that … Continue reading

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FDA’s recent IRB guidance more style than substance

By Lee Seabrooke, HSD, PhD student The guidance provides useful operational issues to consider, such as the identification of “those studies for which IRB oversight is being transferred” and the … Continue reading

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Makerspaces: What they are, and what they might mean for the university system

by Aubrey Wigner, a graduate student in Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology   The STGlobal Conference is an annual graduate student-led event for presenting in-process or recently completed … Continue reading

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What’s Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology gurus Jameson Wetmore and Ira Bennett educate Geoff Notkin of The STEM Journals on some of the basics of Nanotechnology. What is the scale involved and why is there … Continue reading

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Fraud, Failure, and Frustration: This Is the Story of America’s First Energy Transition

Americans have not always desired new sources of energy. Demand has needed to be created, and this has never been easy. by Christopher F. Jones, Assistant Professor of History in … Continue reading

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Flip the conference!

Disclaimer: In this blog post, I not un-ironically level an academic critique of the way the academic conference has lost sight of its competitive advantage. Critics of the modern classroom … Continue reading

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CSPO Mourns Passing of Dave Conz

All of us at the Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes at Arizona State University mourn the passing of our colleague, assistant research professor David Conz.

April 18, 2013 · 1 Comment

What happens if the election is close?

In a special Election 2012 post, CSPO associate director Clark Miller goes through the scenarios of what will happen if tonight’s election is too close to call.

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